Klimaka house

Perched on a prominent location of the Klimaka hill, the house is designed to embrace, accentuate and frame the view. Nautical pergolas provide the necessary shade and thermal comfort while perforated metal screens provide privacy, sun and wind protection from the West.


Vouni is in the centre of the Limassol wine villages, one of the most important and highly acclaimed among local and foreign visitors culinary centres on the island. Vouni is fighting modern trends of urbanisation. A lively, vibrant place that resonates with visitors in the summer months, still alive and energetic in winter. There is…

AMA Residence & Office

A small building in half a building plot. A flat over a working space to express the dynamism of the young scientist.

Naia Seaside

A luxury version of the block of flats for a seafront plot. Designed for opulence and transparency.


A small complex in Chloraka. Touches of mediterranean blue and moucharabieh.

L&N Residence

The view of the sea looks warmer through the timber framing.