The Cyprus Chefs’ Association decided that something must be done for the culinary future of Cyprus. All the wealth of local produce and local talent needs bringing up to international level and attention, as deserved. The need is for an institute that will house all this effort, train the generations to come on culinary Cyprus in the light of international achievement. A new generation of sensitive, aware and highly professional hospitality experts is needed. A shrine of experimentation, cross cultural exchange of knowledge, a showcase of Cypriot and international culinary excellence must be created. CCI is born

Vouni is in the centre of the Limassol wine villages, one of the most important and highly acclaimed among local and foreign visitors culinary centres on the island. Vouni is fighting modern trends of urbanisation. A lively, vibrant place that resonates with visitors in the summer months, still alive and energetic in winter. There is an air of tidiness and loving care. The newly renovated cobblestone streets complement the shaded courtyards with the fragrance of rosemary and basil. Newly restored or rebuilt buildings adorn the village like the listed old school and the wine centre. Both of these are part of CCI. A village to cherish A village in need of further purpose

The synergy was almost instant. The CCI will add hundreds of young professionals who, with their professors and highly acclaimed guests will make the village known around the world. Visitors will be attracted by the culinary events and festivities.

Young generations’ vibrancy will rock the village. The remodelled traditional houses will provide for hospitality beds in the winter months where everything is more quiet. New sources of income will be created and more migrated inhabitants will hopefully return

CCI is an integral part of the village. Few external clues differentiate the classrooms from the village houses and their visual vocabulary. In a natural gesture, Vouni opens its arms and its buildings to the new school from the very beginning. CCI is Vouni as if it has always been here. Respecting and enriching the scale, the culture and traditions with its presence. CCI could become a destination. Vouni could become a destination much bigger than today.

The former Wine culture centre is being reformed and repurposed as a full beverage hub. Wine and local traditions are still the epicentre but importance is given to spirits and liquors, coffes and all other beverages. Students will be invited to a journey around the world enriching their taste buds and experience. This is the world of sommeliers, barristas and all beverage professionals. Interventions to the building are gentle, respectful and purpose driven