SODAP Beach Bar

A new beach bar on a very sensitive area. Done with reverence for the landscape. And the longest elevated bar on the island.

Let them eat cake

Building a sleek yet cozy cafe. Extensive use of glass and transparency. Marie Antoinette greets you in many languages, including Cypriot.

Great Egyptian Museum

A shell that transforms from solid to airy covers a designated experience. History, sand, oasis, the whole Egypt under one roof.

Z41 Residence

A different take on the real estate residence. Double volume for the ecastic world opposite the sunset.

House 27

The 600 sq. m. residence was built in three levels on a sloping site. The main swimming pool is on the lower level together with the entrance, bedrooms, the“island” study, home cinema and cava. The second floor includes the main sitting and dining areas and the kitchen. The master bedroom is on the top floor…

Kennedy Square

An idea for the next half a century. Completely separate cars and pedestrians. The new generous square spans over the vehicle area. A gesture that would liberate city life, events, activities and commerce. The old traffic hub is no more.

Ellya Village

The components of the complex are neighbouring villages and nature. Sustainability was built-in.

The funnel house

Built in a rural area, this house gracefully funnels life from the road facade to the rear courtyard