Ellya Village

Erimi, unbuilt

The components of the complex are neighbouring villages and nature. Sustainability was built-in.


We will touch the land gently. With reverence we will create space for people.
Then restore it and enhance it.

Just because we ought to.

The village

As if it has evolved since time immemorial. As if everybody built their own house and then their daughter’s.
The two linear ravines where two big olive groves will thrive trisect the building mass.
The circular square welcomes you at the top.

We have taken the lessons from traditional nearby villages that evolved over many years. We have followed similar principles in creating Elia village.
Neighbourhoods of semi detached or detached houses in all sizes and configurations with generous courtyards. One or two storey high.
Winding kalderimia, the traditional paved walkways, will take you to your gate.

The heart
the main square

A little church painted by a local artist, a small gathering place, maybe a traditional kafenion or ouzerie, a reception and maintenance centre, a shop or two.

Every village deserves to have one.


The feeling in the health & spa facilities will follow the project concept.
Unpolished natural materials to be used throughout.
Healing gardens will be planted and, through careful planning, nature will intermingle with the village life

This is no usual project. This is a creation of a village.
With its small square, church, vineyard, olive groves, Cypriot nature. With its annual feasts and activities, the grape, olive and fruit harvesting for those who with to participate.
With its cellar and cava spaces.
Courtyards with lemon trees, fruit trees, basil, mint, oregano.
Cypresses will commemorate the ancient habit of planting one for every newborn daughter, to become a mast for the fishing boat as dowry.


All colours will be natural, warm, earthy.
Timber, when present, will be properly detailed and natural looking.
Local craftsmen will offer their skills.

Ageing gracefully

People and materials are free to develop and become of age in a natural way.
Weathered wood, natural stone and rocks in unexpected combinations will prevail.


If you ever need to go inside, the palette will be worthy of the whole experience.
Natural materials, exposed pitched roofs, double height spaces to bring coolness.
Openings designed to grab the last gust of air movement.
Technology will be there in a very discreet way. It should do what it is supposed to do:


Villagers will come in touch with nature. Natural materials will be the norm.
Concrete will be used to the minimum extent. Pavements and other hard surfaces will be permeable to minimise rainwater runoff


Villagers will have the opportunity to enjoy a plunge in the pools, communal or private. Most will feature infinity edge so as to blend with the landscape. Colours and materials to be reminiscent of natural stone, pools to look like carved on solid stone.

Holding together

Wherever possible the retaining structures will be natural rocks combined with planting

Design with nature

Nature and people will be in harmony interacting with each other in many ways.
Fragrances, shade, noise protection, air filtration can be the benefits of the coexistence with a carefully designed tree environment.

Seasons forever

We will not be planting gardens.
Instead, we will be recreating ecosystems, the ones that have been around for thousands of years.
The same, deciduous trees and shrubs to complement the big olive grove.
Seasons are there to be felt in the colour of the foliage, the fragrances and the white flowers of almond trees.